Day 20 - May 31st, 2019

Everybody Counts
Joe & Sara Eades
Week 3: Leap Together

Jedaiah repaired the part of the wall that was across from his house. He was the son of Harumaph. Hattush made repairs next to Jedaiah. Hattush was the son of Hashabneiah. 11Malkijah and Hasshub repaired another part of the wall. They also repaired the Tower of the Ovens. Malkijah was the son of Harim. Hasshub was the son of Pahath-Moab. Shallum repaired the next part. His daughters helped him. He was the son of Hallohesh. Shallum ruled over the other half of the territory where Jerusalem was located. -- Nehemiah 3:10-12

Chapter 3 brings us to the rebuilding of the walls and gates. It was one of the greatest building projects ever undertaken. What Nehemiah did was a tremendous thing. It was a wonderful way in which God was moving. You see, God had led Ezra and Zerubbabel back to the land to rebuild the temple. Their task was a different one from Nehemiah’s. He was a layman, and his work was to rebuild the walls and gates of Jerusalem. God accomplishes His work in different ways with different men. We also see how families work together for God.

Take note of verse 12. We have the women’s liberation movement today, but they had incredible women in Jerusalem during Nehemiah’s day. They said, “We are going out and help build the walls of Jerusalem. Men do it. We are going to do it too.” Apparently Shallum the son of Halohesh did not have any sons, so his daughters went to work helping him build the walls of Jerusalem. God took note of it and recorded it. Today women of God we can do immeasurable more than all we ask or imagine according to Gods power that is at work within us. Now we have been given the opportunity to leap

Your call to leap:
Read Nehemiah 7. Put together a 1k piece crossword puzzle with your family or roommate. Enjoy the thrill of accomplishing a task together. Like Shallum's

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